Board's Eye View

Should teacher unions be allowed to give money to their bosses—the legislators who write the laws that give them their privileges—and their salaries?

By associating their cause with the cause of public education, teacher unions were able to build a formidable public image of solidarity with the cause of schooling. Now they’re stuck trying to explain the results.

If our current system isn't working, why not try other options--even those of the for-profit variety?

Andrew Blumenfeld

While most 20 year-old college students are partying, Andrew Blumenfeld was running for a seat on the La Cañada Board of Education in Los Angeles.

Big moves on teacher-tenure and -evaluation reform in a traditionally blue state.

Michigan's Highland Park School District offers a worthwhile experiment in edu-governance

The pendulum might be swinging, ever-so-slightly, toward the believers (in school)

Melanie Kurdys
Former school-board member

Guest blogger Melanie Kurdys reflects on her experience on a school board in the latest installment of the Board's Eye View Challenge

Why South Carolina must look to Louisiana's Recovery School District.