Board's Eye View

The NYSSBA is not wrong about the need to shake the barnacles off the bureaucracy.

John Chubb asks if local boards should continue to control student access to instruction on the Internet.

The former Florida governor is still hard at work reforming education.

John Kirtley
Chairman of Step Up for Students

Guest blogger John Kirtley, chairman of Step Up for Students, answers Board's Eye View's BIG question: "What's the most important governance issue?"

Harold Kwalwasser

Guest blogger Harold Kwalwasser is the author of the inaugural post in Board's Eye View's series, "The BIG Question: What’s the most important education governance issue?"

Guest blogger Neerav Kingland, chief strategy officer at New Schools for New Orleans, discusses the education lessons to be gleaned from the transition away from communism in Europe.

What this study tells us is that schools matter. And they matter in very old-fashioned ways: as institutions of learning.

The new teacher evaluation system in New York is far from perfect. But it is necessary. And it is best to have the debate in public—at least until we have a system that proves itself capable of providing good education from behind closed doors.

It is more important to air the opinions of the many than to sequester them behind closed doors monitored by the few.

Our sincere condolences to the children of Chardon.