Choice Words

Allowing local dollars to follow local students is an important first step in addressing unfair funding systems.

The president's new budget proposal quashes last year's compromise to resurrect the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program.

The struggles between the Catholic Church and the Obama Administration reveal the fault lines that surface when Washington tries to tinker with the complex machinery that administers our health, social services...and education.

A lot of negative forces contributed to Chester Upland’s present circumstance, and it will take an equal or greater number of positive forces to turn it around. That should include a successful charter school.

Here's hoping that collaboration doesn’t co-opt educational diversity.

A new study of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program should render a persistent critique of school vouchers and tax credit scholarships irrelevant.

With friends like these, the growing coalition of support for charter schools will have a harder time coalescing around a common purpose.

Adam Emerson

Parents, even those a step above poverty, are ready to exercise more control over their children's education.

Adam Emerson

Adam explains why charter school applications must be subjected to closer scrutiny.

Adam Emerson

As the recent ALEC report card on American K-12 education shows, it's been a brazen year for school reform.