Choice Words

Louisiana has shown us that it’s possible to offer private-school choice and control for quality in a way that doesn’t cramp what makes a private school unique.

Who should govern control education?

States like Louisiana could learn a lesson from Indiana's approach to reporting performance.

Charter schools may be celebrating twenty years of existence, but the milestone gets most of them no closer to the surplus classroom space and facility financing controlled by local school boards.

One more valuable option for students and parents

The folks at the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice have put out a call for research proposals that explore the effects that choice and competition have on K-12 education.

Despite persistent hostility to charter school expansion in most states, there remains one aspect of charter schooling that fails to get the attention it deserves: athletics.

Lazy governance hurts charter innovation.

What is the nature of the relationship between a charter school authorizer and a charter school board?

Terry Ryan on the importance of charter authorizers