Choice Words

This report is great data on a critically important field

When boards are mere rubber stamps, questions about accountability, incentives, and conflicts of interest are sure to follow

It may seem absurd that one of California’s worst-performing school districts can kill the state’s finest charter school network. But that is the reality facing the 650 mostly poor and minority, but very high-achieving students enrolled at the American Indian Model charter schools.

Lessons from Mississippi and Tennessee

In which Mike addresses the left's main concerns with voucher programs

But because charters and Catholic schools share similar traits and comparable missions in serving inner-city, low-income youth, there ought to be equal opportunities for each sector to thrive

The New York Times published a semi-balanced story today on the growth of the private school-choice movement

Much has happened in the charter sector in the last twenty years, but the laws ruling its governance largely remain the same

Virtually no accountability measures exist in most of the nation’s special-education voucher programs, including the largest such program in the United States, Florida’s McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Senate Bill 243, while a step in the right direction, does not go far enough