Choice Words

The National PTA shakes up its stance on charter authorizing

What the latest Cato study gets right...and wrong

A new study shows that black students who won a school-voucher lottery in New York a generation ago were more likely to attend college than students who didn’t win.

Philadelphia was home to the nation’s first diocesan Catholic school system. Now it has the first Catholic school system run by a foundation of lay people.

An attorney general's audacious move may highlight the desperate need for an emergency manager.

In November, they're decide who has the power to authorize charter schools

The program, slated to expire at the end of this year, needs more time--and attention--to reach its full potential.

Here's hoping that private schools in Louisiana won't be bullied out of their desire to serve disadvantaged students

Why Michigan should support Governor Rick Snyder's efforts to reform school funding

The Louisiana teachers union can’t get the courts to stop private schools from enrolling voucher-bearing students this fall, so they’ve taken to threatening the schools with litigation.