Choice Words

Paul Farhi’s smackdown of education reform and education reporting in the American Journalism Review may be inspirational to those who would march with the status quo, but it is dangerous coming from a publication that sets the standard for how newsrooms ought to conduct their affairs.

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision a decade ago didn't end the fight over private school choice, even though it should have caused states to rethink what they so sweepingly consider “aid” to sectarian institutions.

Wisconsin's top educator has again used his position to imply that the Badger State is throwing more money at a voucher program he once called "morally wrong."

The mainstream resistance to school choice is increasingly characterizing the education reform debate as students versus profits.

The Evergreen Education Group gives us more evidence that districts may be unwilling to give up their authority over online learning easily.

Governor Bobby Jindal’s school voucher proposal for Louisiana has been dragged into the familiar politics of parental choice.

It's not A Nation At Risk, but today's Council on Foreign Relations report on US education reform and national security makes bold statements on our progress toward higher educational standards and enhanced school choice.

Projections show that charter schools may grow to educate nearly half of D.C. public school students, but that milestone means they'll have to stop resorting to the expulsion of troubled students so quickly.

The Archdiocese of New York announced this week that it would reshape the authority over its financially troubled Catholic school system, and its action should give advocates for Catholic education everywhere a reason to feel optimistic.

If Florida Governor Rick Scott signs the state’s digital learning bill, as expected, students in grades K-5 then could bypass a brick-and-mortar school and directly enroll full-time in a virtual instruction program.