Choice Words

Whatever happens next, and however disappointing that litigation may be, at least the Alabama Supreme Court corrected what was a mockery of the legislative process

Joshua Dunn

The AEA decided to lawyer up before Alabama's new tax-credit law even reached the governor’s desk

Alabama teacher unions and school boards have, for now, defeated what should be the state's first private school choice plan

With the results from this latest CREDO study, it’s clearer now than ever that lawmakers should lift the state's cap on charters

Even charter opponents agree: There’s no explaining away these results

The senator, immediately after his Republican response to the president's State of the Union address, released a far-reaching federal school-choice plan

Joint efforts between city, district, and charter leaders are good if they lead to more and better options for all students, but some key city officials sound more like they’re trying to put a brake on the charter momentum

The point of the “One Million Lives” campaign is to create the conditions that allow a million kids a seat in at least 3,000 high-performing schools

All about the authorizers, baby

No single philanthropic organization has put more effort and money into the advancement and improvement of school choice than the Walton Family Foundation