Common Core Watch

The Common Core ELA standards are right to takes on one of the most prominent and often fiercely defended fallacies in American education: that fiction is the only—or perhaps even the best—way to develop students’ love of reading, learning, and critical comprehension skills.

Calculating the bill for implementing the Common Core

Fordham's latest report estimates the costs of implementing the Common Core State Standards.

Yes, let’s find ways to drive better discussions in the classroom. But let’s also recognize that what makes those discussions work in America’s elite private schools is that they are built atop of solid foundation of rigorous content and hours and hours of practice.

After having been asleep at the switch for two years, states should be busy looking to finish the job they started when they adopted the standards—to add the 15 percent atop the Core where they can provide the guidance teachers need to drive outstanding, CCSS-aligned instruction.

The early lessons learned putting Common Core into practice.

What Common Core supporters can learn from KIPP

States will need to think hard about whether they can live with the status quo—and whether the NGSS offers a viable alternative.

A clique of conservative groups is pushing the message that tomorrow’s ALEC vote is part of a “growing movement” against federal intrusion vis-à-vis the Common Core standards. Problem is, ALEC is already on record against federal intrusion into education vis-à-vis the CCSS.

It’s become popular in many education circles to decry “teaching to the test,” but new research provides one more reason why these independent checks on what students have actually learned are a critical element of an effort to close America’s achievement gap.