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Questions about Common Core cut scores

To understand what is going on in Finland, its perhaps important to start not with a snapshot of their test scores and existing education structures but with a historical perspective.

In addition to being developed under the careful guidance of the lead authors of the standards themselves, SAP-developed resources will be open source and provided at no cost to teachers around the country

Denizens of the anti-Common Core fever swamps, by misinterpreting the NAEP assessment framework, become a case-in-point for teaching informational texts

While there are achievement gaps between low-income and affluent students across content areas, none seem more vexing to close than the reading gap

This wonky but important (and exceptionally timely) book by Schmidt and McKnight is a distinctive, deeply researched, and amply documented plea for full-scale implementation of the Common Core math standards

Nowhere do the CCSS “mandate” the percent of time ELA teachers need to spend on nonfiction

After due deliberation, this past weekend ALEC's "Legislative Board of Directors" voted to remain neutral on the issue, thereby not pressuring its members and states in either direction.

Selecting the right curriculum—one that artfully balances content and rigor and that gives teachers a clear instructional roadmap—is critical to driving student learning