Common Core Watch

Suggesting that we “field test” Common Core betrays a fundamental misunderstanding about what standards are and what they are not.

It's time for a new approach to testing.

Checker's contribution to a recent Wall Street Journal debate with Jay P. Greene.

The guidance that’s starting to emerge about how teachers can best select “grade-appropriate” texts may actually end up undermining the Common Core’s emphasis on improving the quality and rigor of the texts students are reading.

Guest blogger Paul Gross addresses the enduring (and false) belief that scientific reasoning is separable from the content of science.

In the end, the “just right” theory of reading instruction is focused on the right goal—having students read independently and with deep understanding. But the way it tries to get there may be exactly what is holding our students back from achieving at the levels they need.

The Common Core is common sense

Mike Petrilli joined Susan Headden on Minnesota Public Radio this morning to discuss how much the Common Core will actually change education.