Common Core Watch

The Pioneer Institute's prediction that the CCSS will require billions in professional development training is based on some shaky assumptions.

Standards—no matter how clear or how rigorous—are not a panacea.

When it comes to organizations peddling Common Core implementation resources and strategies, the buyer should beware.

summative assessments, formative assessments

Why raising the dropout age may get more kids to stay in school, but it won’t meaningfully increase the number of students ready to succeed after graduation.

Here’s hoping the GE Foundation’s $18 million will provide CCSS authors an important tool for shaping implementation discussions.

The Common Core emphasis on "close reading" challenges teachers to focus reading on actually reading.

Why iPads won't replace textbooks in every classroom anytime soon.

When done correctly, data-driven instruction and lessons organized around clearly-defined aims are critical parts of improving student performance.