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Ohio's law-bound teacher salary schedule needs to go for the benefit of teachers and their students.

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Complicated school funding issues, complicated school data issues, the return of "5 of 8" drama, and more.

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Parent non-trigger in Columbus, the "5 of 8" non-trust factor, and non-outrage over school recruiting.

PARCC testing in Ohio, teacher pay in the spotlight, and is Common Core antithetical to Catholic education?

  1. Reporters affiliated with the Plain Dealer have fanned out across Northeast Ohio to interview 25 district superintendents in some depth. The individual pieces are available via the PD’s website, but here is the overview that opened the interview series, focusing on money. How much the supes make, what kind of benefits they get, what their travel allowances are like, how many are double-dipping, and how many plan to join the double-dippers. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  2. Two clues lead me to believe that the Beacon Journal has tired of writing about charter schools for the moment. First was last week’s “miraculous” story about a seemingly-unbashable charter about whom the reporter had nothing bad to say. A miracle indeed. Second is yesterday’s story digging into a revamped, comprehensive program within Akron City Schools for students removed from their home schools due to discipline problems. The Phoenix Program, housed in a former school building, offers smaller class sizes, incentives for positive behavior and other interventions with the goal of returning troubled pupils to their home schools. It is run by the local YMCA. However, the building is now also houses to other services that may be of use to Phoenix students and their families as well: a branch office of the juvenile court system, the Y, a number of mental health providers, probation officers, and the district’s recently-revived truancy program. (Akron Beacon Journal)
  3. We are familiar with the early-college high school concept here in Ohio. Canton is exploring the possibility of an early-career high school. Could be an interesting model. Take a look. (Canton Repository)

Lame duck leftovers, our sponsorship annual report, and Columbus City Schools' budget gets a closer look