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You've got to take a listen to Chad's Common Core radio townhall in Youngstown, the highlight of today's news.

Third grade reading scores are in around the state, dominating the news.

I expect third grade reading scores to be big news for the rest of the week. So here's the calm before the storm...with some TGRG stories in the mix.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson faced active efforts to dissuade him from his lofty goals in the world of science from the people who should have supported him the most. What about other students who face the tyranny of lowered expectations?

Craziest news clips ever - from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again.

  1. Fordham’s Chad Aldis peers into the future of accountability in a world of expanding parental choice. (RedefineED)
  2. Speaking of parental choice, a very strange news conference took place at the Lucas County Democratic Party HQ yesterday, announcing nothing newsworthy except to reiterate the views of the Toledo teachers union and local Democrats (two different groups, mind you) that charter schools are a destructive evil that’s causing Toledoans (Toledoites? Toledopolitans?) to suffer. But not good charter schools. They're OK. Oh, and not non-profit good ones either. Mostly just the for-profit ones…that are bad. Luckily one Republican flack and OCQE’s Ron Adler were on hand to lend some balance. Still, nothing newsworthy in this story. At all. (Toledo Blade)
  3. The Enquirer parses out passing rates for sophomores in Ohio's public school on this year’s final ever administration of the Ohio Graduation Test. Statewide, around 70 percent passed all five sections. In the Cincy area, it was 73.6 percent. Conveniently, there’s a bottom-five list that includes Winton Woods at 53 percent, New Miami at 50.8 percent, and Mount Healthy at 39 percent. (Cincinnati Enquirer)
  4. Of course, the Enquirer piece notes that the graduation testing landscape is a-changing in Ohio. As noted yesterday, those changes include a condition on private schools’ exemption from state testing. The Ohio Association of Independent Schools chats to the PD about that very thing today. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  5. That new graduation testing landscape was also on the mind of StateImpact’s Amy Hansen and she sought out several knowledgeable folks to explain the changes made in the MBR. (StateImpact Ohio)
  6. Right toward the bottom of that list of OGT pass rates in Southwest Ohio was tiny Winton Woods schools. Perhaps now that the data-scrubbing investigation there is finally completed and
  7. ...

We're all over Ohio from the Statehouse to the courtroom to the Kingdom of the Bus Drivers today.

Common Core, bad actors, public records, the MBR, and Head Start all feature in today's education news.

From the State Board to the Statehouse; from Canton to Cleveland to Cincinnati; lots of important education news to cover today.

We dig into big legislative changes included in the compromise K-12 education Mid-Biennium Review (MBR) bill.