Stretching the School Dollar

Medicaid now exceeds education spending as a proportion of state budgets. What does that mean for schools?

Ohio's districts are shrinking from competition with parochial schools through expanded voucher programs.

The Rick Scott (and the Tea Party) could learn some lessons from Margaret Thatcher.

Fostering efficiency in education will take more than transparency, as Montgomery County demonstrates.

The Department of Education's new study explains how the U.S.'s poor allocation of resources hurts disadvantaged children.

Two-thirds of schools in the UK were closed for a day recently as teachers went on strike over proposed changes to pensions.

Students who don't finish school hurt the efficiency of our education system.

Reformers who are focused on ?doing more with less? in the nation?s schools should reclaim the high ground on school finance. Case in point: the rising cost of higher education in California.

Andrew Boy
Founder and executive director of Columbus Collegiate Academy

As school levies fail across central Ohio, I am concerned and disappointed to see so many school districts quickly threaten to reduce the quality of our children?s education. Providing an excellent education for our children may be the single most important thing we can do as responsible citizens.

Education technology is a hot sector for innovative entrepreneurs and ambitious investors. While interest and investment in digital education skyrocket, though, the inflexibility of the existing school funding system may stifle its potential?at least according to Paul T. Hill in "School Finance in the Digital-Learning Era," the latest installment in Fordham's Creating Sound Policy for Digital Learning series.