Vouching for Wikipedia

Liam Julian

National Review's John J. Miller recently wrote a portion of our Catholic schools report. Also recently, Miller turned in a NR piece (subscription required) about Wikipedia in which he mentioned Fordham and Mike (Petrilli):

In the current issue of Education Next, Michael Petrelli of the Fordham Foundation complains that Wikipedia's entry on school vouchers contains an abundance of negative commentary, including the claim that vouchers encourage "taxpayer-subsidized ???white flight' from urban public schools." Petrelli points out that the vast majority of students who receive vouchers in Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Washington, D.C. - the few places where private-school-choice programs actually exist - are not white.

Here's the cool part:

Shortly after Petrelli published this observation, a Wikipedian added it to the school-voucher entry. Anybody who reads it now will learn that the white-flight claim is empirically false. "I guess it means that Wikipedia seems to be self-correcting," says Petrelli.

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