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When asked how he would go about improving Pittsburgh, Frank Lloyd Wright offered a simple solution: ???Abandon it.???

But that Price-is-Right hosting, Michael Moore look-a-like (minus the baseball hat and hammer-and-sickle) Drew Carey won't drop the commitment to his hometown Cleveland that easily. Carey recently teamed up with the Reason Foundation to offer solutions for revitalizing his city going bust.

Episode 2 in the ???Reason Saves Cleveland??? series deals specifically with fixing Cleveland's schools???and points to improvements in school performance in Oakland, California as an example of how struggling cities can boost their students' achievement.??

Carey and producer Paul Feine point to Citizen's Academy in Cleveland?? as an example of how charters can help make a difference in battling educational failure (see here for more praise). ??Carey also touts working with teachers' unions to promote school autonomy and implementing a weighted student funding system.

You can find ???Reason Saves Cleveland??? here.

Tim Hoffine is a Policy & Research Intern in the Fordham Columbus office.

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