ESEA waivers make waves

Obama’s announcement that ten states (sorry, New Mexico!) would be freed from the requirements of No Child Left Behind was big news from coast-to-coast yesterday. As he
noted in a Gadfly Weekly editorial, Mike is skeptical, and in print,
on TV, and over the airwaves, he weighed in on what it all means.

made a brief appearance on the NBC
Nightly News
before joining Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitch
Chester and Indiana State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett on
NPR's All Things Considered. “There’s
a huge gap between what the states asked for and what they ended up with,” he
noted in the Washington Post, and he pointed out to the Associated Press that mediocre schools that aren’t failing will
probably see the biggest changes due to the waivers. In addition, Daniela
provided her insights to the Wall Street Journal-Online. Watch the NBC segment below and stay tuned for more commentary and analysis in coming days.

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