First bell: 11-12-12

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"Don't claim victory in Michigan yet," by Adam Emerson, Choice Words

"A bright idea from the bayou," by Chester E. Finn, Jr., Flypaper

"As go Latinos, so goes the nation," by John Horton, Flypaper

A quick look at the most important education news from the weekend and this morning:

New York City Mayor Bloomberg announced that public employees who did not show up for work due to Sandy will have their annual vacation days and sick days docked. (Wall Street Journal)

The Chicago Teachers Union and Stand Up Chicago react to the planned closing of a list of underused Chicago schools by demonstrating today outside of Mayor Emanuel’s City Hall office. (Chicago Tribune)

Parents of children attending New York City schools debate sending their children to schools without heating. (New York Times)

Jay Mathews reviews Mike Petrilli’s book, The Diverse Schools Dilemma. (Class Struggle)

The Columbus Board of Education is ramping up their search for a new chief of schools. (Columbus Dispatch)

Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed fiscal plan for 2013, which proposes to shrink NYC’s budget gap by—among other things—cutting funding for libraries and raising the price of school lunches, causes an uproar. (New York Times and New York Post)

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