First bell: 11-16-12

A first look at today's most important education news:

Fordham's latest

"Three ways to create integrated schools in newly gentrified areas," by Michael J. Petrilli, Flypaper

"Breaking up is hard to do: The Edison story in Dayton," by Andy Smarick, Flypaper

The New York Times describes school districts’ worries as the “fiscal cliff” looms; the Wall Street Journal has created a state-by-state graph of potential vulnerabilities.

Chicago Public Schools announce a plan to “get tough” with charter schools that are failing academically. (Chicago Tribune)

One year after rejecting a levy that would have raised $14 million for schools, the subsequent flurry of teacher cuts and transfers has parents in Beaverton, Oregon asking the school board to tax them more. (Huffington Post)

The proposed budget by Mississippi governor Phil Bryant will emphasize literacy, merit pay, and dropout prevention; pre-k programs were noticeably absent. (HechingerEd)

Mark McKinnon (former chief media advisor to President Bush) and Jim Margolis (former advisor to President Obama’s campaigns) argue that the media doesn’t pay enough attention to education. (Politico)

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