First bell: 7-13-12

Fordham's latest

"The false promise of 'field testing' standards," by Kathleen Porter-Magee, Common Core Watch

"Waivers: no state left behind," by Ty Eberhardt, The Education Gadfly Weekly

"Review: School-Based Accountability and the Distribution of Teacher Quality Among Grades in Elementary Schools," by Amber Winkler and Daniela Fairchild, The Education Gadfly Weekly

AFT and NEA political donations were made public through Department of Labor filings. (Wall Street Journal)

The Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling may lead to challenges to federal education policies. (Ed Week)

Almost 3,000 organizations signed a letter opposing cuts to nondefense discretionary spending (education included) that would occur under sequestration.

ED warned that NCLB waivers don’t get states out of data reporting. (Politics K-12)

LAUSD is fighting a court order requiring the district to provide more space to charter schools. (LA Times)

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