First Bell: 8-15-12

A first look at this morning's most important education news:

  • Just days after Paul Ryan was announced Mitt Romney’s pick for VP a new Obama ad was released that hammers away on their higher-ed policies (Education Week)
  • Why digital learning is a high-tech fix for some broken schools around the country (WSJ)
  • The Los Angeles Unifed School District has been carrying out one of the largest construction projects in the country, building over 100 schools, and a new study out reveals that student achievement is higher since the new buildings have been built. (LA Times)
  • A Wayne Circuit Court judge ruled yesterday that the Detroit Board of Education cannot take back 15 failing schools that were transferred last month to the Education Achievement Authority(The Detroit News)
  • House offers 'fresh' take on produce program for poor schools (Education Week)
  • Georgia's education superintendent: John Barge, came out against a constitutional amendment to guarantee the state's authority to charter independent public schools (Online Athens)


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