First Bell 3-18-13

A first look at today's most important education news:

Fordham's latest

"Authorizers: See what replacing failing charter schools, replicating great ones can do," by Bryan C. Hassel, Ohio Gadfly Daily

A study finds that high-ability, low-income students are unlikely to even apply to the best colleges—and those who attend less selective colleges are less likely to graduate. (New York Times) (See here for Gadfly’s take.)

Wall Street thinks Philadelphia’s twenty-three school closures is a good financial move. (PhillyDeals)

In states where school attendance is not compulsory until age six or seven, chronic absenteeism among four-year-olds is rampant. (Wall Street Journal)

Curriculum Matters reports that Nebraska may be exploring adoption of the Common Core.

The United Federation of Teachers is pushing to restrict the mayor’s influence on education in New York City. (Teacher Beat)

An English teacher reflects on the futility of teaching his students how to “not get shot.” (USA Today)

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