First Bell 3-29-13

A first look at today's most important education news:

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"A piece of the puzzle: Teach For America, Dayton and Its Schools," by Aaron Churchill and Terry Ryan, Ohio Gadfly Daily

Connecticut schools have begun to tighten graduation requirements in an effort to better prepare students for college. (New Haven Independent)

The Hechinger Report worries that a “Bring-Your-Own-Device” approach to educational technology, while cheaper for school districts, will lead to a “digital divide.”

Over fifty years since a federal judge ordered schools in Cleveland, Mississippi, to desegregate, the issue has returned to court. (Wall Street Journal)

After New York City relaxed its disciplinary policies, the number of public school students suspended fell by more than a third. Overall crime in the city’s schools dropped nearly 25 percent in the second half of 2012, as well. (Wall Street Journal)

A new report suggests that states could afford better-quality tests simply by reallocating the money they already spend on tests. (Curriculum Matters)

A federal appeals court has decided that a Kentucky school administrator’s search of a student’s text messages violated the student’s rights under the Fourth Amendment. (School Law)

According to a new longitudinal study, teenagers who are socially awkward at age thirteen continue to struggle with relationships ten years after high school. (Inside School Research)

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