First Bell 5-23-13

A first look at today's most important education news:

Fordham's latest

"By the Company It Keeps: Tim Daly," by Andy Smarick, Flypaper

"School funding and poverty in the suburbs," by Terry Ryan, Ohio Gadfly Daily

"Longing for the Holy Grail," by Adam Emerson, Choice Words

In the largest mass school closure in any major U.S. city, Chicago officials have officially voted to shutter forty-nine public schools this year and one next year. (Washington Post, New York Times, Huffington Post, and Chicago Tribune)

ACT Inc. has jumped into the Common-Core-assessments arena, announcing that they are an alternative to the Smarter Balanced and PARCC tests. (Curriculum Matters)

A new report finds that while two-year colleges enroll more poor and minority students, they receive lower levels of federal resources. (New York Times)

Kansas lawmakers have dropped from a state budget bill a measure that would have blocked spending on Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. (Curriculum Matters)

The U.S. Department of Education reports that even as more Americans than ever are earning bachelor’s degrees, the nation’s international lead is slipping. (Hechinger Report)

A new report finds that schools are flooded with data that they don’t know how to use, and it calls on lawmakers to develop long-term plans to make sure that tech systems are in sync. (Digital Education)

Under a new program, roughly 250 math and science teachers in New York will be eligible for bonus pay in exchange for mentoring new teachers. (Teacher Beat)

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