First Bell 5-30-13

A first look at today's most important education news:

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"By the Company It Keeps: Nelson Smith," by Andy Smarick, Flypaper

"Signs of judicial sanity in Colorado," by Joshua Dunn, Flypaper

The CTU has filed a third lawsuit aimed at reversing the Chicago Board of Education’s plan to close forty-nine schools; this lawsuit—unlike the first two, which claimed discrimination—contends that CPS did not follow proper shutdown procedure in the shuttering of ten schools. (Huffington Post, Associated Press, and Chicago Tribune)

Concluding the long-running Lobato v. State case, the Colorado State Supreme Court ruled that the state’s current school-finance system is constitutional(EdNews Colorado, Denver Post, and Flypaper)

Schools that serve low-income students consistently find that their students have a more difficult time with reading than with math(New York Times)

Voucher students in Louisiana performed almost 30 points below the average on statewide tests; consequently, seven private schools that currently educate voucher students will no longer qualify to do. (Times-Picayune and Charters & Choice)

Coursera, a MOOC provider, will add ten large public universities to its growing partnerships. (Los Angeles Times and New York Times)

Arne Duncan argues that more Hispanic children should participate in preschool. (Washington Post)

A bill making it easier to shut down failing charter schools has advanced through the South Carolina Senate, as has a bill that would allow seventh- through twelfth-graders to take more online courses(Associated Press)

NCES finds that the number of schools classified as “high poverty” has increased by about 60 percent, measured by qualification for free or reduced-price luch. (Education By The Numbers)

The Smarter Balanced consortium has released sets of online sample test questions in English language arts and math for grades 3–8 and 11. (Digital Education)

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