Top 10 Education Gadfly Daily Blog Posts of 2013

This year, readers beat a trail to our blogs for Common Core content; six out of ten of Fordham’s top ten blog posts in 2013 were from Common Core Watch, moderated by Kathleen Porter-Magee. These included posts on real lessons we can learn from Finland, calling out Pearson’s conflicts of interest in New York, four fundamental misunderstandings associated with the anti-testing movement, the case for why conservatives should support the Common Core, the false promise of leveled literacy programs, and why criticisms of the Common Core mathematics standards don’t add up.

Mike Petrilli’s point-by-point rebuttal of an anti–Common Core Wall Street Journal op-ed also made the cut, as did Andy Smarick’s controversial interview with former CEO of Chicago Public Schools Jean-Claude Brizard and a roundtable reaction to the Tony Bennett flap. But the number-one spot went to none of these contentious education-policy topics; instead, the Fordham Institute’s most read blog entry was a list of Mike Petrilli’s top-ten television shows for young children. Go figure.

The following, for your enjoyment, are our ten most read blog posts of 2013. Happy holidays to all!

1. The 10 Best Television Shows for Young Children
Michael J. Petrilli
March 11, 2013
2. Real lessons from Finland
Kathleen Porter-Magee
January 2, 2013
3. Pearson crosses a line
Kathleen Porter-Magee
January 2, 2013
4. The four biggest myths of the anti-testing backlash
Kathleen Porter-Magee and Jennifer Borgioli
February 13, 2013
 @kportermagee and  @JennLCI
5. A point-by-point rebuttal of today’s anti-Common Core op-ed in the Wall Street Journal
Michael J. Petrilli
May 28, 2013
6. Why conservatives should support the Common Core
Kathleen Porter-Magee and Sol Stern
April 3, 2013
7. Common Core v. the false promise of leveled literacy programs
Kathleen Porter-Magee
February 8, 2013
8. Critics’ math doesn’t add up
Jason Zimba
August 7, 2013
9. The Tony Bennett flap
The Education Gadfly
July 31, 2013
10. By the Company It Keeps: Jean-Claude Brizard
Andy Smarick
August 23, 2013


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