All eyes are on Indiana

The Indianapolis Public Schools struck back this week, countering The Mind Trust’s plan for reforming education in Indy with a school reform report of its own. While it was sad to see the district defend its bureaucracy by blaming poverty and the media, it was a useful reminder that those who govern education can’t be trusted to reform education governance all on their own.

Observers within and without the Hoosier State are closely watching Indiana’s ambitious attempt at tying teacher compensation to performance. While the research on merit pay tied to test scores is far from settled, Indiana’s willingness to innovate merits attention.

Two years after winning their shares of four billion dollars in Race to the Top money, the eleven lucky states (and D.C.) have spent only 14 percent of the loot. While it’s certainly preferable to blowing the cash with little to show for it, it’s also clear (and unfortunate) that states see this as more of a stroll than a sprint.

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