Briefly Noted: Checking in on the courts, Catholic schools, and Cuomo

  • The Washington
    State Supreme Court’s ruling that the state wasn’t meeting its constitutional
    obligations to fund schools was thankfully toothless
    on enforcement, freeing legislators in a budgetary bind to include
    in some tough but necessary fiscal decision-making. Charter
    schools anyone
    • The
      Hewlett Foundation will hand out a cool
      to techies that code software capable of reliably grading essays as part of state tests. Ambitious,
      sure, but a great example of philanthropy driving needed innovation in edtech.
      • Dozens of Catholic schools in
        Philadelphia are shutting
        due to a 35 percent drop in enrollment since 2001 even as the
        mayor wants to get
        rid of 50,000 seats
        in underperforming district schools. Hmmm, there must
        be a solution
        • Slowly but surely, incentives and common
          sense are winning out, as the number of district schools in Chicago accepting
          the mayor’s offer of extra cash for a longer day quadrupled
          this week
          despite the teacher union’s continued
          . Keep at it, Rahm!
          • It’s that time of year: Governors from Virginia
            to Arizona
            are making all kinds of ambitious proposals in their State of the State addresses,
            from an extra
            $1 billion
            for Florida’s schools to Andrew Cuomo appointing
            as lobbyist for students in the Empire State. Let’s just see
            if these executives can back up all the talk in an election year.

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