Questions and controversy surround Ohio's value-added scores

  • According to new data from the U.S. Census
    Bureau, federal programs similar to Head Start are keeping more than 2 million
    disadvantaged American children out of poverty.
  • In Ohio more than half of all charter schools
    are located in the state’s “Big 8” urban districts, but a growing number of
    students are now going to charter schools from suburban districts.
  • Controversy over Ohio’s value-added system now being used to evaluate teachers continues as the first
    results (or a pilot) have been released.  Unions feel the model is flawed, while proponents claim it identifies
    high-quality teachers.
  • One principal in Mason, Ohio is seeing double. Principal Eric Messer is the first principal in
    Mason’s history to be in charge of two elementary schools, resulting in two
    offices, two different school staffs, and different school schedules.

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