Put a ring on high achievement

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, higher income and education levels are linked to better health.   Not only for adults (people with a high school degree or less are more likely to smoke than people with a post-secondary degree) but also for children.  When the head of a household has a bachelor’s degree or higher, the obesity rate is 11 percent for boys and 7 percent for girls; when the head of a household has less than a high school degree, the obesity rate is 24 percent for boys and 22 percent for girls. 

Ohio’s Solon High School and Solon Middle School took home first-place in the National Science Olympiad Tournament.  They are waiting to hear if they get the chance to travel to the White House and meet President Obama. 

Here is a slide show of the funniest teacher comments.  Surprisingly, the answer to “Why are there rings on Saturn?” is not “Because God liked it, so he put a ring on it.”

On Friday, the Ohio Department of Education will wrap up two weeks of testing the new technology-based assessments on eighth graders from 260 school districts across the state.  The tests were on social studies and will not be scored.  

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