Quality chairs = better education?

  • In the New York Times, Oberlin College professor David W. Orr recently commented on the quality of chairs in public school districts. Stating the choice of chairs “is maintained by profit-seeking school suppliers… who see no other possible arrangement of the body,” Orr reminds readers of what it was like to constantly want to stand up during class to stretch.
  • One semester into the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, 40,000 students face the risk of not moving up a grade level. Both educators and policy makers—particularly in districts that see almost 40 percent of their students falling below grade level—are concerned about the potential implications of this law.
  • When Ohio shifts to the Common Core academic standards, nearly half a million students who score proficient on current state exams will find themselves falling short under the new standards. This cause for alarm will be a shock to students, parents, teachers, and district officials alike.
  • Ohio teachers now have access to an online system that allows them to analyze student progress and personally customize curriculum or lesson plans. Pending teachers’ ability to effectively use this new system, this can be a great tool for streamlining data collection and the use of data to benefit students.

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