Eduwonk v. Rick Hess Straight Up!

In this analysis from the Fordham Institute, our acclaimed research team steps in to solve an age-old debate: Which education blogger is most self-absorbed and self-referential? In particular, does Andy Rotherham’s persistent disclaiming of his many influential personal connections take the cake? Or is Rick Hess’s constant citing of his own books and articles more egregious? In Eduwonk v. Rick Hess Straight Up!, researchers analyze twelve months of data—March 2011 to March 2012—and tally all the parentheticals, endnotes, and asterisks in both authors’ blog posts. In the end, our experts determined that Rick annihilated Andy, with five times more bits of shameless self-promotion than Andy over this period of time. That said, both were far surpassed by the sheer volume of irrelevant material emanating from Mike Petrilli’s Twitter feed. The authors recommend that Rick and Andy take it down a notch, and that Mike commence a twelve-step program at a professional rehabilitation facility. For the full data set and analysis, click here.