Kathleen Porter-Magee

Bernard Lee Schwartz Policy Fellow

Kathleen is the Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer at the Partnership for Inner-City education and a Bernard Lee Schwartz Fellow at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. Before joining the Partnership, Kathleen served as the Senior Advisor for Policy and Instruction at the College Board, as the Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at Achievement First, and the Director of Teacher and Principal Professional Development and Recruitment for the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. Kathleen began her career as a classroom teacher at both the middle and high school levels. She earned her B.A. from the College of the Holy Cross and her M.A. in Education Policy and Leadership from the George Washington University.

The Bernard Lee Schwartz Policy Fellows are accomplished experts whose efforts assist with widening our range of expertise and impact in the policy and media spheres. Our fellows post regularly on their respective blogs, commenting on Fordham’s priority areas of “doing more with less” (i.e. delivering quality education in an era of tight budgets), rethinking education governance (and the attendant politics of school reform), smart implementation of the Common Core, and school choice and charter schools.

Bernard Lee Schwartz was a businessman and portrait photographer, whose work can be found at www.bernschwartz.org.

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