A monopoly meets market demand

monopoly game board photo

Monopoly meets the real world.
(Photo by Mike Fleming)

Public-school systems are notoriously insensitive
to parental demands. When they do offer popular programs that parents want,
they are often oversubscribed—and yet officials almost never take the obvious
next step and expand or replicate the offering. Not so in St. Louis. In
response to swollen market demand for its standout magnet school, Kennard
Classical Junior High, the district has created a second magnet school—by
transforming an undersubscribed school slated for closure. Mallinckrot
Academy—and its gifted-education program—are meant “to capitalize on the demand
for accelerated learning that Kennard alone cannot satisfy.” These programs,
which are largely geared toward middle-class families, are designed to keep these
folks (and their tax-base dollars) within city limits. Which, in Gadfly’s view,
is a worthy goal. Other struggling urban districts would be wise to follow suit.

St. Louis magnet school program breeding success,” by
Jessica Bock, St. Louis Today, October 12, 2011.