A proud day for the Buckeyes

Two days ago, the Ohio legislature affirmed
their commitment to low-income children, to turning around failing schools, and
to education reform writ large: Both the state House and Senate passed
legislation that paved the way for a Teach For America site in the Buckeye
State while also making it easier for TFA alums to gain teacher certification. Even
in a Republican-controlled state like Ohio, opening the state to TFA wasn’t a sure thing,
and the House and Senate proceedings leading up to the vote were a stark
reminder of an underlying hostility toward change. Pre-vote, heated
claims about TFAers being little more than dramatically underprepared “white
missionaries” echoed through the House gallery. They were followed by asserted
fears that TFA teachers would steal jobs from more “qualified” education-school
graduates. It was a long time coming, and there’s still a long ways to go, but
after this week, the Buckeye State is one step closer to ensuring that that
every child receives the excellent education he or she deserves.

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