Accountability in Action: A Comprehensive Guide to Charter School Closure

While it’s no one’s idea of a good time, there’s
that charter authorizers need to get better at shuttering bad
schools.  To that end, this guide
from NACSA pulls together solid advice from consultants, lawyers, and charter
authorizers on how to support students and families through the closure
process. It also supplies the reader with appendices providing sample
school-closure material—from a forty-seven step action plan to a press release
and resolution for charter revocation. Although the fill-in-the-blank nature of
some of these documents arguably belong in a black and yellow How to Close a
Charter School for Dummies
, the sample action plan for charter-school closure is
explicit and useful, detailing a timetable and point-person for tasks ranging
from U.S. Department of Education filings to the simpler to-dos like compiling
parent contact information. This guide may not provide political cover. But, if
used widely, it will help to ensure that quality prevails in the charter

Kim Wechtenhiser, Andrew Wade, and Margaret Lin,
eds., “Accountability
in Action: A Comprehensive Guide to Charter School Closure
,” (Chicago:
National Association of Charter School Authorizers, October, 2010).