An a-OK form of edu-governance

When it comes to rethinking education
governance, Oklahoma is stepping it up. Big time. The recently elected,
majority Republican, state senate is set to pass a bill that would eliminate
the state board of education. (To our knowledge, OK would be just the third
state to go sans-state board, joining MN and WI.) Instead, legislators would shift
responsibility of the Oklahoma Department of Education over to the Sooner
State’s elected superintendent. The move came after new state supe Janet
Barresi, also a Republican, found it hard to get her policy initiatives
approved by the Democratic-leaning state board (whose members were mostly
appointed by the previous governor). Defenders of state boards of education (and
frankly, we’re not sure who they are) might claim that these bodies are
essential guardians of the public trust. But, as with local boards, they strike
us more as anachronistic features of a system perfectly designed to maintain
the status quo.

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