Competition, the universal motivator

We’ve been covering the Los Angeles school-outsourcing plan for a while
and it’s no surprise that teachers are among the groups vying for
control of various schools. But the gusto with which they’ve entered
this fray may come as a surprise--and a source of encouragement...sort
of. Groups of teachers, backed by their union, are contending to run
thirty struggling schools and new campuses. They’re working 24/7 to
write management proposals for the LAUSD competition. "For the first
time we're trying to show that we can, as teacher-educators, build a
school that will benefit our children because we know our children
best," says Josephine Miller, a first-grade teacher at Hillcrest Drive
Elementary, a school deemed "failing." It seems that teachers are both
energized by the competition--and determined to prevent their schools
from turning charter and being run by independent organizations. Too bad
it took the threat of actually being held accountable for teachers to
sit up and take notice of their schools’ shortcomings and what they
might to do rectify these. Better late than never, however.

"Teachers seek control at up-for-bid L.A. Unified schools," by Howard Blume, Los Angeles Times, January 2, 2010