Dollars and cents: Teacher quality and lifetime earnings

Andrew Proctor
  • How do teachers impact students’ lifetime
    earnings? Eric Hanushek has quantified the answer to this and other questions
    related to teacher quality in his recent Education
  • Is high-stakes testing hurting our kids? Byong
    Man Ahn, former Minister of Education for exam-intensive South Korea, thinks
    so, according to this recent Education
    Gregory Michie takes a similar tone in his Huffington
    as he explores the overuse of the word “innovation” in education. Unfortunately
    he misses a key point – improving test scores for “impoverished kids” and
    fostering creativity are not mutually exclusive.
  • Education
    ’s Schwartz, Levin, and Gamoran continue their Future of Education Reform series. 
    (of seven) provides education reform recommendations based on
    successful policies from countries that are out-performing the United States on
    international tests.
  • The latest research on school funding
    inequalities comes courtesy of the Center
    for American Progress
    ’s Saba Bireda, whose latest report, Funding Education Equitably,
    addresses problems with the ESEA’s Title I “comparability provision.” Bireda
    identifies loopholes in this provision that result in the rich getting richer
    (and vice versa), then proposes some solutions to the inequities she
  • Tennessee students can fear no more thanks to
    the “anti-bullying” legislation passed in the House this week.  Teachers may now protect their students from
    “intellectual bullies” who apparently took over education decades ago by including
    theories on global warming and evolution in school curriculums.  Andy Sher covers the story
    in the Chattanooga Times Free Press.