Donkeys stand for children

Still think the push-back against teachers unions is just a
GOP thing
? Think again. Illinois—a long-time blue state—is considering a
bill that would link teacher tenure to student performance, allow districts to
fire underperformers more readily, and dramatically curb teachers’ right to
strike. And it is a handful of Democratic legislators who are leading the
fight. Several of these lawmakers received campaign support from the reform
group Stand for Children, which contributed $600,000 to nine candidates in
Illinois last November. No longer do Democrats have to rely on the teachers
union for campaign cash and organizational muscle—they now can advocate for
change without facing political suicide. As the Wall Street Journal’s Stephanie Banchero writes, “the fight in
Illinois is a microcosm of the shifting sands in national education policy”
(remember Colorado?).
Expect to see
more like this
as budget woes continue, the union
line becomes increasingly tiresome
, and Michelle
Rhee gets her political machine up and running

Attempts to Link Teacher Tenure to Results
,” By Stephanie Banchero, The Wall Street Journal, January 4,