Eureka Math is the David to Pearson's Goliath

That’s what I argue in my latest “What Next” for Education Next.

Great Minds* didn’t even exist 10 years ago, and only went into the curriculum-development business when it won a contract from New York State to build a set of free, online math lessons as part of the state’s Race to the Top (RTT) grant. The resulting curriculum, originally known as “EngageNY,” spread rapidly nationwide, and a 2015 RAND survey found that an astonishing 44 percent of elementary school teachers in Common Core states reported using EngageNY at least once a week, more than any other math program, and 13 percent said they used Eureka Math.

Read more to find out why Eureka (a.k.a. EngageNY Math) has been so uncommonly successful.

*Fordham helped to incubate Great Minds in the late 2000s, back when it was known as Common Core, Inc.

Michael J. Petrilli
Michael J. Petrilli is the President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.