Gadfly Bites 10/11/17 - "Hometown Hero" or "The Prodigal Returns"?

  1. A statistic from a Fordham study regarding charter school attendance is referenced in this piece looking at education in central Ohio over the last 25 years, including both K-12 and higher ed. Nope. Me neither. (Columbus CEO, 10/9/17)
  2. Speaking of CEOs, here is a nice profile on the Bright New Leaders for Ohio Schools Program, a public/private partnership aimed at recruiting, training, and placing strong leaders into the state’s neediest schools. (The 74 Million, 10/11/17)
  3. You’ll have to click the link if you want to see the whole thing, but here is the list of the top 100 public high schools in Ohio as ranked by Performance Index scores. While there are a couple of surprises in the back of the list, the top schools are fairly predictable if you know wealth distribution patterns in Ohio. However, I would draw your attention to No. 19 – The Bio-Med Science Academy STEM School in Portage County. That would be a non-district, standalone school open to all students via lottery. And, apparently, it kicks booty. (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 10/11/17)
  4. Ugh. Less than 16 months after successfully ending state-mandated fiscal watch status – a designation it labored under for nearly 13 years – Niles City Schools is back in fiscal caution. This is the status prior to fiscal watch, which Niles will re-enter if they can’t project five years of budgets deficit free. Sad. (Youngstown Vindicator, 10/10/17)
  5. Maybe this is just like me when I mention that I attended Columbus City Schools “for years” when I was a kid; or maybe I’m just cynical. The newest math and science teacher at Paul C. Bunn Elementary in Youngstown City Schools attended Bunn “in his first few years of school”. Where he went after that is not noted. But he is being welcomed back like a hometown hero, so I suppose that’s fine. But that has yet to happen for me. I’ll just hold my breath. (Youngstown Vindicator, 10/11/17)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,