Gadfly Bites 10/9/17 - “It's easy to learn to drive an empty school bus, but fill it with kids and it’s another story."

  1. In the wake of ECOT’s assertion that it will have to close its doors in January if the clawback of funds by the state continues as planned, the Dispatch wondered what might happen to said clawback if those metaphorical doors – and the funding spigot – did indeed close. Not to worry, says Auditor of State Dave Yost (…), Attorney General Mike DeWine is on deck to squeeze blood from whatever stones are readily to hand. No word on how credit for this putative “win-win” would be apportioned as yet. (Columbus Dispatch, 10/6/17)
  2. Speaking of dropout recovery schools (were we?), here’s some better news on the report card front from one such school. Findlay Digital Academy, sponsored by Findlay City Schools, met or exceeded standards for its students at risk of dropping out. School officials are proud of their numbers and are open to sharing their recipe for success, as they do here. (Findlay Courier, 10/9/17)
  3. Mansfield City Schools is fairly typical in facing a chronic bus driver shortage for the second year running. Training time, licensure costs, private and charter school transportation, and weird scheduling are all part of the negative alchemy that works to limit applicants and successful permanent hires. Seems to me like a new transportation model is called for, but I could be the only one seeing that as an option. (Mansfield News Journal, 10/6/17)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,