Gadfly Bites 2/12/18 - Robo-clips: a play with music in two acts

      ACT I – Robots rising?

  1. A surprisingly-thorough and even handed account of how we got here and what’s at stake as the latest court date for ECOT-related matters looms. (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2/11/18)
  2. The recent switch to “robo-scoring” of the essay portion of Ohio’s ELA tests has not sat well with some school districts across the state who have noted scoring anomalies. The state’s effort to diagnose and address the issue is being hailed as “a responsible approach”. Yeah that’s high praise. I’m sure of it. What kind of effusiveness did you expect from testing and data nerds? (Columbus Dispatch, 2/10/18)


    ACT II – Creativity and Nature ascendent?

  3. Integrating arts into the entire curriculum in Mansfield City Schools is being hailed as the cure-all for every possible academic issue, including for the ill-defined “at-risk” students. With minimal evidence except for something about giraffes. That is what high praise sound like in the arts field. Personally, I’ll believe it helps with geometry as soon as Vertex: The Musical wins a Tony Award. (Mansfield News Journal, 2/7/18)
  4. And finally today, I give you: The return of BEEF SCHOOOOOOOOL! (Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, 2/8/18)


Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,