Gadfly Bites 3/12/18 - Distress

  1. Editors in Youngstown opined this weekend on the seeming chaos wrought by the resignations of 3/5 of the Academic Distress Commission in the last week. (Youngstown Vindicator, 3/11/18) Meanwhile, some folks in the rather tony Boulder Valley school district in Colorado were wondering—out loud and on the record, of course—why someone like Youngstown CEO Krish Mohip would be a good fit for their district leadership. You know, since Youngstown is so “different” and everything. And by “different”, I think they mean… What? Oh, you already KNOW what they mean. OK. I won’t spell it out then. (Boulder Daily Camera, 3/8/18)
  2. Meanwhile, concerned Akron citizen D. Livingston writes in regard to HB 87: “A plan to send tax dollars squandered by charter schools back to the local school districts they cheated — and not to the state — has cleared the Ohio House.” What? That WASN’T a letter-to-the-editor? (Akron Beacon Journal, 3/11/18)
  3. Elsewhere, concerned Cleveland citizens P. O’Donnell and J. Pelzer write: The proposal to merge the state’s pre K, K-12, and workforce development governance “…would also wipe out about 80 percent of the power of the state school board and give it to the governor, [and] has drawn some support but also a backlash from educators and the public.” Wait! That’s not a letter-to-the-editor EITHER? (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 3/12/18)
  4. Finally today, the biggest question on this topic is left unanswered here, but kudos to Lorain City Schools—and to the local plant nursery—for reaching out to recent arrivals from Puerto Rico. The schools are offering information on accessing the district for their children and the nursery is offering jobs to their adult family members. Yep. Kudos. (Northern Ohio Morning Journal, 3/12/18)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,