Gadfly Bites 3/26/18 – Yeah, what he said

  1. The bill which proposes, among other things, a consolidation of Ohio’s K-12, higher ed, and workforce development governance structures was the topic of dueling op-eds in the Dispatch this weekend. Fordham’s Aaron Churchill provided the case in support of the proposal. (Columbus Dispatch, 3/25/18) The CEO of the Ohio School Boards Association provided the case against the proposal. (Columbus Dispatch, 3/25/18) There’s even a poll you can take to register your own feelings on the matter. How very civic of the editorial page editors of the D.
  2. I think the folks at the Elyria Chronicle were as surprised as I was by the dueling articles on Lorain school board member Yvonne Johnson which ran in the Chronicle and in the Northern Ohio Morning Journal last week. Specifically, why those two articles seemed to present polar opposite views of her positions. So, they asked her about it. The answers are interesting, cogent, and eye-opening. Take a look. (Elyria Chronicle, 3/24/18) Speaking of taking a second look, you remember that national report released last month that said Ohio ranked second in the nation for equitable school funding? The one that was touted hither, yon, and beyond? Yeah, never mind. The insane complications of school funding in Ohio have claimed another analyst-victim. (Columbus Dispatch, 3/23/18)
  3. Youngstown Schools’ CEO Krish Mohip is 0 for 2 in his search for a new job in some cold northern clime. Fingers crossed for Osseo! (Youngstown Vindicator, 3/24/18)
  4. Here is an update on the Move to PROSPER project. You may recall that this is the effort to recruit single-parent families with school-age children and pay for them to move out of Columbus to establish a more stable life – housing, transportation, health care, employment, and education. Well, initial funding is in place and applications will be accepted starting this week for a small ten-family trial. Note that I put education last in the list of stabilizing factors, but in fact the move locations are defined by school district. Specifically: Hilliard, Olentangy, Dublin, and Reynoldsburg school districts. Forgive me for being a bit cheeky and pointing out that one doesn’t have to move to Reynoldsburg proper in order to enroll in that school district thanks to its open enrollment policy. But there’s a lot of other good stuff in Reynoldsburg too. Just not the annual Tomato Festival – that’s been postponed until 2019. (Columbus Dispatch, 3/23/18)
  5. The long arm (and even longer memory) of Doug “Crime Buster” Livingston is on full display in this piece, drawing connections between a charter school-related racketeering case in Florida and charter school history in his beloved Akron. Almost as if there were colored thread between the points. Tacked to a cork board. With photos. And sticky notes. (Akron Beacon Journal, 3/24/18)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,