Gadfly Bites 4/19/17 - Even the neighbors don't like Ohio's decisions

  1. Chad Aldis’ dire warning of a “paper victory” for adults who wish to lower Ohio’s graduation requirements continues to reverberate in cigar smoke-filled editorial board rooms in the Buckeye State and beyond. Editors in Wheeling, West Virginia, opined in warning to their next door neighbor to keep graduation standards high. (The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register, 4/16/17). And editors in Columbus reiterated their support for higher standards yesterday. (Columbus Dispatch, 4/18/17)
  2. Today, families in Youngstown get their first look at CEO Krish Mohip’s district reconfiguration plan. Citing feedback he received during numerous community input sessions, he believes that the return of “neighborhood schools” will increase parental involvement and will facilitate the equitable distribution of resources (technology, high-quality teachers, STEM courses, etc.) to all parts of town. More to come on this. (Youngstown Vindicator, 4/19/17)
  3. Speaking of feedback, the Perrysburg school board issued a formal “thanks for listening to us, Mr. Superintendent” to Paolo DeMaria, giving him kudos for hearing the cries of oppressed suburban school districts like theirs in regard to Ohio’s proposed ESSA plan. Perrysburgers are pleased with the delayed submission and fully expect every one of their demands to be incorporated into the final version of the plan. To which I say: Hold that thought. (Toledo Blade, 4/18/17) Superintendent DeMaria also got kudos from at least one student in Springfield on a recent visit to The Dome, a CTE/STEM/innovation space created with help from the state’s Straight-A Innovation Fund. Link (Springfield News-Sun, 4/18/17)
  4. Speaking of visits, DeBoss DeVos is coming to Northwest Ohio. DeScuss. (Toledo Blade, 4/19/17) In related news, 11 Catholic schools in the Canton area are ready and eager to talk to families about EdChoice Scholarships for next school year. Several have undertaken training to better advise and support families in the application process. (Canton Repository, 4/17/17)
  5. Despite the obvious differences in structure, two crack journalists from the Enquirer took over 1500 words to show how both the Catholic schools and the city school district appear to have shut parents out of the decision-making process, especially in regard to some recent high profile “communication failures”. Oddly, none of those featured rhyme with Slifton Pultural Darts Shenter in any way. Weird. (Cincinnati Enquirer, 4/18/17)
  6. Back in the real world, amendments to the state budget bill were offered this week designed to make changes to the state’s charter sponsor evaluation system. (Gongwer Ohio, 4/18/17)
  7. Finally today, a story about a professional basketball player from Akron giving back to the district from which he emerged. No, not that professional basketball player. A different one. (Akron Beacon Journal , 4/16/17)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,