Gadfly Bites 4/27/18 - But really, how coherent are they usually?

  1. A weird and less-coherent-than-usual set of clips to end the week. First up, a middle school track meet was postponed this week after aggressive geese, protecting their nest on the infield near Lane 1, could not be moved. Concerns for student safety prevailed. And in what remote, bucolic outpost of Ohio did this beastliness occur? Right here in the big city of Columbus. (Columbus Dispatch, 4/26/18)
  2. Athletics-related problems of a far more human kind continue to dog Dayton City Schools. A court decision in the district’s favor last month, which affected then-current basketball playoffs for multiple teams in Dayton and elsewhere, was proven to be incorrect as new evidence surfaced this week. There are a lot of allegations flying around, and it will take a long time before everything is settled, but the viability of most (if not all) of the district’s varsity athletics currently hangs in the balance. (Dayton Daily News, 4/26/18)
  3. Speaking of flying allegations, a couple of the newly-announced turnaround principals in Lorain are under scrutiny; and with them, the entirety of the search process. (Northern Ohio Morning Journal, 4/26/18)
  4. Perhaps Portsmouth High School should rethink their mascot and dump the Trojans in favor of the Sharks. Why? Because students in the school’s personal finance and business class are apparently ready for the tank after winning nearly $4,000 in prize money pitching innovative business ideas to a group of local business owners and entrepreneurs. Nice! (Portsmouth Daily Times, 4/26/18)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,