Gadfly Bites 5/18/18 - Go Mercenaries!

  1. In case you missed it, Chad Aldis published an op-ed on Ohio’s graduation requirements in the ABJ this week. Why the ABJ? Because, as my dedicated Gadfly Bites subscribers will recall, Akron City Schools recently gave us our first inside look at how the new, (hopefully) temporary, lower, non-academic requirements for the Class of 2018 played out in a large urban school district. Those details begged a response. (Akron Beacon Journal, 5/16/18)
  2. Speaking of opining, editors in Toledo published their thoughts on Toledo City Schools’ plans to convert all high schools to themed academies. They were in favor of the change, especially of Jones’ change to a business theme. (Toledo Blade, 5/18/18)
  3. North Canton Schools’ board and administration are super excited about their new digital school, which this week got the go ahead for next school year. Apparently, they have at least 513,000 reasons to be excited. There is no word on a mascot yet, but may I humbly suggest the Mercenaries? (Canton Repository, 5/16/18)
  4. Here is an update on a year’s worth of effort from the Lorain Community Business Schools Partnership. Folks seem pleased. (Northern Ohio Morning Journal, 5/16/18) Of more interest, perhaps, is this hard-hitting Q &A with Lorain CEO David Hardy. These are questions sent in by “community members” to the Chronicle to be asked to Hardy. There are some fascinating insights here; some of those insights even relate to Hardy’s work. Sounds like this might become a regular feature in the Chronicle. I look forward to finding out more of the kinds of burning questions keep Lorain “community members” up at night. (Elyria Chronicle, 5/17/18)
  5. We end the week with a brief update on Elyria’s school building plan. As you may recall, the voter-approved five-new-school plan was in danger of going over budget and the suggestion to pare it down to just three schools was poorly received. Well, through cost-cutting and some other hocus pocus, Elyria is back to five new (but probably less schmancy) schools and the plan will move forward. (Elyria Chronicle, 5/16/18)
Jeff Murray
Jeff Murray is the Ohio Operations Manager of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute,